The Saarrthi Skybay Commercial Complex stands proudly as
a testament to the successful collaboration between Saarrthi
Group and Jayka. Situated within the expansive Skybay
township in Mahalunge, Pune, this project encompasses
78,000 square feet.

Comprising two levels of basement parking and six levels
dedicated to retail and office spaces, the complex offers a
vibrant and functional environment. Jayka, entrusted with the
execution of the Core + Shell structure, ensured meticulous
attention to detail throughout the design and build phases.

Completed within the stipulated 16-month duration, the
complex now stands as a bustling hub within the township,
seamlessly integrating into the surrounding landscape. Its
integration into the larger residential community of five
apartments and assorted amenities further enhances its
appeal, marking it as a cornerstone of the dynamic Skybay

Area – 78,000 Sq. Ft. | Service – Design and Build
Duration – 16 Months | Project Location – Mahalunge, Pune
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