A Premier Commercial Tower in Baner, Pune

Welcome to Bellissimo, an exquisite commercial tower nestled in
the vibrant locale of Baner, Pune. This architectural marvel is
meticulously designed to offer a host of infrastructural amenities,
setting the stage for an unparalleled business environment.

The Bellissimo project encompasses a state-of-the-art

commercial tower, meticulously crafted to accommodate the
diverse needs of modern businesses. With a prime location in
Baner, Pune, this development is set to redefine the commercial
landscape of the area, offering a synergy of functionality,
sophistication, and convenience.

Key Features:

STRATEGIC LOCATION: Situated in the heart of Baner, one of Pune’s thriving hubs.


INNOVATIVE INFRASTRUCTURE: Designed to meet the highest standards of modern commercial architecture.


COMPREHENSIVE AMENITIES: A range of facilities to support diverse business requirements.


UNMATCHED ELEGANCE: A fusion of contemporary design and aesthetic appeal.


COMMUNITY INTEGRATION: A space that fosters collaboration and networking among businesses.

Bellissimo is not just a building; it’s an embodiment of excellence, poised to elevate the business
experience in Baner, Pune. Join us in the journey towards a new standard of commercial sophistication.

Area – 3,40,000 Sq. Ft. | Service – Design, Procurement, Construction
Duration – 15 Months | Project Location – Baner, Pune, Maharashtra – 412207
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